LinkedIn Profile Tips feature image

LinkedIn Profile Tips: How I grew my account from zero to hero

Do you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn? Would you like to see quality connections in your profile and lead the search terms in your niche? Well, you will have to turn your “Zero” profile into a “Hero” and trust me when I say…

marketing strategies feature image

6 Invaluable Strategies to Improve Each Stage of your Marketing Funnel

What I love about digital marketing strategies is that every step that you take, every tactic that you implement, you can measure all. No shooting in dark or going on a wild goose chase.  You can make informed decisions based on the data you get…

the ultimate marketing tool

Marketing Funnel – Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Billion Dollar Company

Go back in time a bit and recall the last major purchase you made. What steps did you exactly follow? You probably heard about the product from someone, felt the need to buy it, did some research and comparisons online, found out the best deal,…

examples of neuromarketing done cleverly by brands

8 Clever Neuromarketing Examples That Worked For The Top Brands

Have you ever wondered why you see sedan cars pull up impressive stunts at high speeds in ads when in reality you can never peak it above 80? Why do you think Maggi opted for a bright yellow packaging & consequently sells more than any…

conversion optimisation tips

8 Epic Conversion Optimization Tips That Will Boost Your Rankings

Yes! You can optimize for your site’s conversion rate and “Guesswork” will not do the trick. We all want to sell our products or increase our email list but placing a button where it looks good is hardly the solution. Just like any other marketing…

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