instagram algorithm

8 Simple Tips to Outwit the New Instagram Algorithm(2019)

Who dosen’t love Instagram?  This repository of artistic masterpieces is widely used by the majority, especially by the younger generation.  With 700 million users and counting, this platform is undoubtedly one amongst the largest and most popular social networks till date. Here are a few…

8 Surefire Ways to Write Killer Content (Plus 5 bonus Tips)

Creating good quality and engaging content is perhaps the single most important factor that can make or break any Digital Marketing campaign. Writing high quality content is by no means a cakewalk. On the contrary, it is a skill that can be developed over time….

Will Artificial Intelligence kill Digital Marketers?

The new buzzword across all the industries seems to be very clear: “Artificial Intelligence” or AI in short. You might have stumbled across this term one time or another, especially if you belong to the IT industry.

How to Blur an Image? (Using MS Paint)

One might think that the task of blurring an image requires a complex software, like Photoshop. But it is not so and all you would need is MS Paint! Cool, isn’t it?

Why Digital Marketing is beneficial for any Business?

Digital Marketing aka Web Marketing, refers to promoting or advertising any product/service, using various forms of Digital Media (like PCs, Tablets, Smartphones). Internet connection is a fundamental requirement to perform Digital Marketing. In contrast to its traditional counterpart, Digital Marketing has some huge benefits. Here…

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